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Here, you can find just few of the success stories we’ve helped come to live. With their approval, we can share our approach, so it can inspire you to go up and above.

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Testimonials and Case Studies from Happy Clients

Nasluka shop
I needed someone to take care of our online presence and increase the sales on our website. My work with Digital Sales Expert brought me the peace of mind I needed. Now I am much more confident when I predict my earnings, and I can easily make decisions regarding my business development. Not to mention that they actually managed to increase the turnover of the online store by 120%! Great professionals, I strongly recommend them.
Emil Vasilev
Regional director of RE/MAX Bulgaria
Digital Sales Expert showed real professionalism in their approach and deep understanding of our needs. They developed a functional strategy for generation of potential employees based on social media, chat bots and other tools and channels. This way we got in touch with over 400 candidates and additionally grew our brand awareness. Over whole I can honestly recommend working with them.
RE/MAX - the world's largest real estate network

Established in 1973, RE/MAX has grown into the world’s largest real estate network of franchisee-owned and operated offices, with over 100,000 sales associates in nearly 100 countries. Today it is one of the best known real estate brands in Europe and around the world.

Martin Stoilov
Manager at eDrehi
“It’s not often I come across people who truly understand eCommerce. That’s why when we started working together, I knew that we’ll grow, but what happened was beyond my expectations. In 5 short months of working together, our revenue increased more than 8 times – something I deemed impossible in such a short time!”
What we have done:


 Micro-conversion tracking of every single stage of the customer’s journey

  Shifting the whole Customer Journey path

  Conversion designed images, perfectly describing eDrehi’s products

  Retargeting campaigns based on their customers’ behavior

  Converting social media engagement to actual purchases

  Email collection strategy and flows

Kiril Shopov
Owner of Badu
Managing huge budgets and constantly worry about campaign's results easily transforms in to burden for business owners. These guys took that off my shoulders and brought me better results and return on investment - Two birds with one stone - this is what I call good decision!
What we have done:


▶   REthink REtargeting in order to maker it twice more profitable

▶   Really more on management by expert rather that AI optimization

▶   Niche Search Network targeting and quality traffic filtering

▶   Long term Display Network strategies that scale easily