▶    166% increased Revenue

▶    231% increased Conversions

▶   27% increase in Conversion Rate

▶   102% decrease in cost per Conversion








Badu position it self as the Bulgarian online mall with wide variate of merchandise, but mainly fashion items and accessories. Affordable prices, many products and tough for the customer’s need are the fundamental pillars of this business.









The client needed to expand and overtake bigger portion of the online market in Bulgaria. This is hard to do without worsening the Return on investment since the country is not so big. As an addition the fact that his area of business has heavy competition is another factor that made Badu reach out to us.








▶   REthink REtargeting in order to maker it twice more profitable

▶   Really more and more on custom management by expert rather that AI optimization

▶   Niche Search Network targeting and quality traffic filtering

▶   Long term Display Network strategies that scale easily