▶   314% increased Revenue

▶   600% increased Conversions

▶    80% increase in Conversion Rate

▶    40% decrease in cost per Conversion

▶    Successful landing on 3 European Markets







eDrehi is a fashion brand based on the latest modern and casual clothes patterns.

They are focused to help women look and feel good wherever they are. eDrehi caters to all their customer’s needs by constantly conducting a thorough analysis of the fashion market and offering only the hottest trendy clothes.  









Before working with us, they were struggling with the efficient spending of their marketing budgets.

Their difficulties originate in in the improper tracking of their audience’s behavior – on and off their website.









▶  Micro-conversion tracking of every single stage of the customer’s journey

▶  Shifting the whole Customer Journey path

▶  Conversion designed images, perfectly describing eDrehi’s products

▶  Retargeting campaigns based on their customers’ behavior

▶  Converting social media engagement to actual purchases

  Email collection strategy and flows