Kosara is one of the leading online stores for baby and chlidren’s clothes, toys, strollers, baskets, shoes and cosmetics.

Their main priorities are maintainance of a wide range of high quality products and impeccable customer service on the site.









The customer came to us with a specific small issue that she had on Facebook that was causing her headaches. After we helped her resolve it, we noticed that she had no product catalog deployed and only advertised her online store through sponsored posts. We analyzed the ads that were launched so far and concluded that the client’s business has a lot more potential for development and that with the right advertisements and strategy it can easily achieve significant sales growth. The client agreed, but with the condition that we spend no more than our current media budget so we can easily compare results.








▶  We created tracking infrastructure for Google Analytics ecommerce reporting in order to get a full picture of channel costs and revenue.

▶  We created a sales funnel across multiple channels – Google Ads (Search & Display Network Marketing & Remarketing) and Facebook (Marketing & Remarketing).

▶  We opted for manual optimization over the use of a machine algorithm for Facebook advertising to help better budget optimization.

▶  We applied niche targeting on Google Search Engines and quality traffic filtering






▶    140% revenue increase

▶    110% more conversions

▶  57% increase in Conversion Rate

▶  48% lower conversion cost