Nasluka shop





Nasluka shop is positioned as a leading fishing gear and equipment supplier with a wide
assortment of equipment suitable for hunting and fishing trips, camping and hiking.

Their main priorities are the provision of high quality products and a modern consumer-oriented work approach.









The customer came to us asking if we could help them with their online stores results. They had previously tested different short-term advertising campaigns. We made a detailed analysis and noticed that Nasluka-shop has a huge potential for development.

We discussed with the client our proposal to invest in advertising. At first, they told us that they hesitat to make such an investment, but eventually decided to trust us.






▶ We created tracking infrastructure for Google Analytics ecommerce reporting in order to get a full picture of channel costs and revenue.

▶ We created a sales funnel across multiple channels – Google Ads (Search & Display Network Marketing & Remarketing). Facebook (Marketing & Remarketing, Chatbot for special promotions).

▶ We opted for manual optimization over the use of a machine algorithm for Facebook advertising to help better budget optimization.

▶ We applied niche targeting on Google Search Engines and quality traffic filtering




After only one month of work, we managed to double the customer’s sales, and after 3
months of partnership, we managed to raise the customer’s revenue 4 times.


▶    120% revenue increase

▶    130% more conversions

▶    65% increase in Conversion Rate

▶    58% lower conversion cost