We show eCommerce businesses their true potential

Digital Sales Expert is a boutique advertising agency, highly specialized in the field of eCommerce. We help you scale revenue by getting more high-paying clients using digital advertising and analytical platforms.


We help you to achieve the following:

Dramatically increase profits

Identify opportunities for growth that need no additional budget

Achieve a bigger market share with a strategy for an international expansion

Improve the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) from your existing advertising

Get advice to attract customers

Identify opportunities for growth that need no additional budget

Our expertise

eCommerce Experience

Our eCommerce digital marketing agency has helped numerous eCommerce businesses, ranging from startups to enterprise sites. We understand your business’ unique challenges, and we know what it takes to succeed at every level.

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Proven Results

Better marketing = better results. Our clients experience a growth rate of at least 40% in the first year. We achieve this by combining our industry experience with a growth-oriented approach.

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How we help


Facebook Ads

Our experience shows that well executed Facebook advertising campaigns are the most effective way for eCommerce businesses to dramatically increase profits. After we find a market fit for your offer, you can expect a Return on Advertising Spend from Facebook ads between 500% and 1,300%.

Google Display ads

The ability to visually present your products/services, combined with powerful targeting methods, professional campaign management, and attention-grabbing design, will ensure more sales on various websites and devices with less investment.

Google Search ads

Google Search Ads are the best way to communicate with the most relevant audience for your business. People who are actively searching for products/services, similar to yours, are further into the marketing funnel with high chance for ordering online. This guarantees you better Conversion Rate, ROI, and Relevant Traffic.

Social Media management

Flooding your social media pages with product posts is a horrible way to communicate with your fans and followers. We can help you get into their minds and gently yet effectively transform your relationship into a profitable dialog, resulting in increased sales and a more appealing image of your brand.

YouTube video ads

YouTube Video Ads are the perfect way to announce a new promotion or a loyalty program to your prospects, and boost your profits by customer retention. The audio-video experience has proven to be the most engaging and informative ad content out there, and we know how to use it to scale your eCommerce business.

Email Marketing

Without Email Marketing for your store, you’re leaving between 10% and 25% of your total revenue on the table every single month. We help you get your hands on that revenue. With us, you get complete email marketing solution for eCommerce: the strategy and execution.


Chatbots are one of the most effective tools for increasing your eCommerce conversions. Today’s chatbot market share in the eCommerce industry is 14.56%. Market giants, like Alibaba, Amazon, and Walmart, use chatbots in their business.

Graphic Design

The visual representation of communication is as important as any other element of digital advertising and we know that. Ads are very often the first touch point with your audience and the foundation of how they will perceive the business.


Copywriting has been, is, and will always be one of the crucial aspects when it comes to attracting the attention in an ad or keeping the visitors on your website by providing quality content
Whether it comes to attracting the attention in an ad or keeping the visitors on the website by providing quality content good copywriting has been, is and will always be one of the most essential aspects that we focus on.

How we work


Business analysis

We are on the same team and it has to feel like it. We would need to know more about you and your business in order to recognise your goals, needs and stuggles as ours.

Competition Analysis

After we are familiar with your business it’s time for us to get to know the competition better. It provides deeper knowledge about the digital presence of other players on the market.

Set up goals

Now, that we are familiar with you and your competitors, it’s time to set up measurable goals which will determine the success of the advertising that is to come.

Analytical systems

Every single action and specification of the user’s behavior on your website will be tracked and analyzed. For this to happen we will install tracking code.

Target audience

The proper recipient of the digital communication is one of the key factors for success. There is no point of paying for your message to reach people without potential for future purchases.

Communication channels

The goals, audience, promoted product/service, budget and others determine which communication channel will be best suited for your business. We have a wide variety of performance driven communicational tools and channels that we use for your business.

Analyze and Optimize

This is an ongoing processes throughout the entire course of the campaign which will be presented to you in the form of weekly and monthly reports. We will track the relevant KPI’s bases on your communicational and marketing goals.

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Client Testimonials


Digital Sales Expert showed real professionalism in their approach and deep understanding of our needs. They developed a functional strategy for the generation of leads for potential employees based on social media, chat bots and other tools and channels.
Emil Vasilev
Absolutely fantastic. They delivered on everything they said they would. Increased our revenue by 800%. What more can I say?
Martin Stoilov
Managing huge budgets and constantly worrying about campaign results can easily become a burden for business owners. These guys took that off my shoulders and brought me both better results and return on investment. Two birds with one stone - this is what I call a good business solution!
Kiril Shopov
I needed someone to take care of our online presence and increase the sales on our website. My work with Digital Sales Expert brought me the peace of mind I needed. Now I am much more confident when I predict my earnings, and I can easily make decisions regarding my business development. Not to mention that they actually managed to increase the turnover of the online store by 120%! Great professionals, I strongly recommend them.
Nikolay Nikiforov