We are personally motivated to achieve real and measurable results and eager to show you your true business potential.

Stoyan Panayotov

For the last 2 years Stoyan realized over $25 million of sales with Facebook ads and Google Adwords advertising for more than 100 ecommerce businesses.

Stoyan mainly focuses on gaining leads/conversions or increasing ROAS from the campaign, rather than a low cost per click rate and other irrelevant aspects, as in the end it only matters how much money the client is making.

Dimitar Georgiev

Dimitar is a dynamic young man who is always ready to consult you and provide the best ideas for your business and sales growth. His priority is to establish a relationship of trust as the basis for long-term business relationships.

Mihaela Yaneva

Mihaela is the one that makes sure our work processes are carefully crafted and followed to the letter. Her knowledge in diverse project methodologies guarantees that work is done efficiently and on time. She condenses client requirements into clearly defined tasks for the team, and then follows up on the high quality of the project deliverables.

Neli Grigorova

Expert in terms of product/service market positioning and communication. She has experience on both sides: as part of the customers in-house marketing team and as an advertising agency representative. This helps her easily correlate and translate customer's needs, problems and challenges into actionable steps toward goals and customers' satisfaction.

Georgi Unguzov

Georgi is our young rising super star when it comes to social marketing. He is part of the generation that has been nourished with social media and knows how to get around it in order to achieve results. Ambitious to excel his expertise even higher, he will adopt your business agenda and fight for it.

Stefani Dimitrova

Stefani is a fantastic designer who will visually represent your brand and its message in the best possible way. She speaks through her art and knows how to connect with almost every target audience.

Atanas Kostov

Atanas is the fresh new star in our team. He is an expert on everything Instagram and is motivated to help you popularize your brand by reaching the right audiences for your business.